Ten things Microsoft’s Surface does better than the iPad

Patrick Moorhead over at TechPinions with a smart look at what Microsoft’s Surface does better than an iPad:

If you want to get an Apple fan boy riled up, just start a discussion about Live Tiles or Android panes.  You can just see the blood pressure rising and the next hour of conversation is around ease of use and what normal consumers want.  Well, I like Live Tiles because it saves me time and some don’t because they are “confusing”.  Without even touching the Surface display I can see emails, calendar, and weather, stocks, Tweets, breaking news, updated podcasts and about 100 other pieces of information. I think other consumers will prefer, too, after some time as icons are so 1980’s. I believe Microsoft jumped ahead of the curve on this tile concept and Apple will follow at some point.

Check out the full list, it may sway or confirm your next tablet purchase. Moorhead is promising a follow-up post on ways the iPad remains best-in-class.

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