Apple’s new Palo Alto store “unbearably noisy”

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée on his blog Monday Note;

I came back from a trip on November 2nd, the day the iPad mini became available, and immediately headed downtown. The new store is big, bold, elegant, even more so at night when the very bright lights and large Apple logo on its front dominate the street scene. (So much so I heard someone venture that Apple has recast itself as the antagonist in its 1984 commercial.)

The store is impressive… but its also unpleasantly, almost unbearably noisy. And mine isn’t a voice in the wilderness. The wife of a friend walked in, spent a few minutes, and vowed to never return for fear of hearing loss. She’d rather go to the cramped but much more hospitable Stanford store.

It seems like Apple is doing something about the excessive loudness caused by some bad design, but this is a good example of looks coming before practicality.


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